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About ZAMA

We are ZAMA. Creative art and design products maker based in Kyoto.

ZAMA is a brand specializing in acoustic wall art, utilizing sustainable materials, designs, and visual arts to craft comfortable, high-quality spaces that address the subtle acoustic challenges of daily life, often unnoticed. Our offerings include Acoustic Wall Coverings, engineered to absorb sound and restore a sense of tranquility, blending functionality with artistic expression and inching closer to the concept of the perfect soundproof wall.

The term “ZAMA” finds its origins in Sanskrit, encompassing meanings like “serenity,” “rest,” and “peace.”

ZAMA’s Features:

1. Functional art
Provides sound absorption and soundproofing capabilities. Optional photocatalyst coating offers antibacterial, antifungal, sterilizing, deodorizing, antifouling, and air purification benefits.

2. Environmentally friendly materials
Primarily utilizes natural materials, with sound absorbing components crafted from wood, cork, and hemp. These materials offer insulation and humidity control properties.

Features a streamlined design for an optimal soundproof wall structure. Easily attachable and detachable with one-touch functionality using magnets.

4. Unique of design
Available in 7 distinctive design patterns and 5 colors, ensuring individuality and style.

5. Customizable Combinations
Customers have the freedom to create various expressions by mixing and matching components. Single items are available for purchase.

6.NFT Certificate for Reliability
Each product is accompanied by an NFT certificate using blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity as a piece of art. Registration with Startrail is required.

It is not only art. It is an acoustic wall coverings made from eco-friendly recyclable materials. Art should be also sustainable and functional.


Founder & Designer

Hiromi Kim was born in Kyoto, Japan. She has studied Interior Architecture and Industrial Design in both Japan and Italy. She has spent more than ten years in multicultural environments. Her experience in designing is spread across various fields such as the manufacturing industry, architectural industry, and academics. Her views are geared toward the construction of a sustainable society. Her designs are not merely surface and are made for the genuine pleasure of humanity. She is a passionate designer/director proposing solutions for a modern life style.